The birthplace of the Theory of Evolution, the Galapagos Islands lie approximately 600 miles off the coast of mainland Ecuador and remain the Crown Jewels of this Andean nation. Few places on Earth can rival them for beauty, or the abundance of wildlife both above and below the waterline. We are proud to present below our Galapagos Islands Tours:

World Schooling in The Galapagos – Program and Itinerary

Are you a World Schooling family, or have you always wanted to try it? Join Suzi, Rich, Maria and James on the World Schooling adventure of a lifetime in the fabulous Galapagos Islands.

For four weeks this Autumn, between Friday 19th November 2021 and Saturday 18th of December 2021, Toucanto World Schooling Global Community has secured an exciting venue on the Island of Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, and is inviting World Schoolers the opportunity to join us at incredibly competitive rates.

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From $3,430.00

A Taste of Galapagos

This tour is the perfect introduction to the Galapagos for those of you that only have a few days to spend in this incredible archipelago. It is perfectly suited to individuals, couples or families. On this trip you can discover the most representative sites of the Galapagos on Santa Cruz Island and practice Snorkelling with Sea Lions in the crystal waters and crescent bays of Santa Fe Island. The close proximity you will enjoy to the fantastic wildlife will ensure you leave the Galapagos Islands with incredible memories and some amazing photographs.

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