So, you have decided where to go, booked your Toucanto Tour and are crossing the days off of your
calendar, but perhaps you are thinking about spending a bit of time in Quito before your flight to the Galapagos? Maybe there’s just that nagging doubt about what to expect when you get there. I mean, what do you really know about the place, right? How much will that taxi to the TelefériQo in Quito cost? How much should I tip the waiter? How much is a hamburger in Otavalo? Can I even get a hamburger in Otavalo? Yes, you can!

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Well, worry thee not, good pilgrim! Thanks to the good people over at BudgetYourTrip we are able to give you the lowdown on working out your daily budgeting allowance, but just remember, the prices for accommodation listed here are entry level prices, which is cool if you are happy with just the very basics, just so long as you bear in mind that if you want a few of the creature comforts you are used to in the UK, you can expect to pay considerably more! 

Now you can crunch the numbers, relax and sleep soundly in your bed – unless of course you are simply too excited because you are going to Ecuador! 

Quito Travel Costs