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Our mission is to bring the world within your reach, foster responsible tourism, strengthen the communities we visit, and to leave no footprints, carbon or otherwise, wherever our pilgrims may journey.

Our booking system is entirely electronic, meaning we will never send you paper copies of anything, because we appreciate that like us, you want to protect our environment. Tread lightly, when you travel with Toucanto!

When you book with Toucanto you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your money is secure. As a member of PTS (Protected Trust Services), Toucanto is fully Package Travel Regulations compliant, meaning your money is always protected.

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Toucanto PTS Membership Number – 5660

How Does PTS Offer Consumer Protection?

PTS offers all member companies a trust account and insurance model which ensures all consumer money is fully protected.

PTS members are fully package travel regulation compliant.

All consumers can check the PTS membership of a company prior to booking. Simply contact PTS directly for peace of mind.

If a consumer has any concerns about the allocation of their monies and the holiday supplied by a PTS member they can contact PTS directly.

PTS is FCA registered to ensure trust and confidence when booking with any PTS member.