At Toucanto we believe that responsible, ethical travel can be a springboard for human growth and personal development, but we recognise that the very process of travelling, particularly by air, presents a very real contribution to the carbon accumulating in our atmosphere. Many concerned individuals have even taken the decision to stop travelling by air altogether.

We understand and respect that choice, but at Toucanto we have decided to take a different path. Our tours operate in parts of the world that depend on international tourism as a vital part of their economies, and they have suffered desperately as a result of the loss of income caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many valuable environmental projects have been placed at risk around the world by this sudden loss in revenue.

We are committed to the principle of running our tours in a carbon neutral way, offsetting every aspect of your time with us, enriching the communities we work with, and becoming a force for positive change in every place we operate. We have undertaken a carbon audit of our business using the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

We are very pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to examine your own carbon footprint right here on our site, should you wish to do so. Whether as part of your holiday planning, out of simple curiosity, or as part of a commitment to reduce your own impact on our incredible planet, we hope you find this tool as useful as we did.


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